8 states

I don't know if you follow me on social media or not (let me take this opportunity to suggest that you SHOULD and you can find links right on over on the right margin of this blog page) but if you do, you might have noticed that we have been on somewhat of a amazing … Continue reading 8 states



They say the only thing constant is change. I think they're right. At least when you're on a farm, that's true in almost every way. Spring is still fighting its way into the story here. The hundreds of tulips Thomas and the kids planted last fall are showing up one by one. Pink, yellow and … Continue reading Change


Well, I'm not off to an amazing start on blogging this year, I'll be honest, but I'm hoping to make up for my CRAZY January by blogging extra in February. You're welcome. January marks the beginning part of winter, and I have to say, I'm already over it. I LOVE winter. Winter is my jam! … Continue reading Winter