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Back of the Book Summary

    I am 36 years old. I spent the first 25ish years of my life confidently wearing the title of Atheist. Wouldn’t you guess it would be some hot guy who would set me right on my head with a question that would change the whole trajectory of my life: What if you’re wrong?
    Here’s the problem I faced: I was confident in what I believed, but I did not know why or how I had come to believe it. I believed in the “truth” that had been handed down to me, taught to me, or was socially accepted by my peers, but I had never taken the time to seek out what was actually true.
    This book searches for the “why” behind belief more than the “what,” because our core values and beliefs inform everything about us. If we don’t know how and why we came to believe in or rest on those core values and beliefs, then we will not recognize when those beliefs have been misled or misguided.
    What If You're Wrong? uses my personal testimony—an Atheist converting to Christianity—to ask readers this important question: If there is only ONE truth about where we come from and where we’re going, what do you believe that is? And… What if you’re wrong?

Updates from the Author

March 27, 2020
The manuscript is complete and in the critique and editing phase. I’ve signed a contract with WestBowPress and am excited to submit in the coming months!