A step forward

Wondering how I’ve been doing after my last guest blog about kicking this New Year in the pants with the DISCIPLINE to actually get healthy and stay healthy? Yea, well… I’m doing so so.

Anyone relate?

Here’s the deal: I’m FINALLY, actually starting! In truth, I’m on day 8 of starting without stopping! It took until mid Feb to actually, really start, but hey… most people are just getting around to quitting right about now, so I figure I’m doing okay if I’m still trying to make my New Years Resolution happen, right? What about you? Where are you at with all the things you promised yourself this year?

I recently guest blogged over at Impact Women and decided that it’s time to start to build trust with myself! My issue is so many of the things I try to start, I only half start. Because I know me, and I know I’m just going to quit as soon as I’m tempted to. Well, that’s not very affective for one, and it doesn’t make me feel good to view myself with such little integrity.

So I’m going to baby step this thing out, and I invite you to join me. If you haven’t started the thing- I mean REALLY started the thing- you’re supposed to be doing this year… here is your chance… this is your official kick off party! It’s Monday- what better day to start? Y’all know how much I love me a Monday! So let’s just do this thing, Readers! Like I said, my husband and I are on day 8 of eating clean without cheats!! The family is in on it, and it feels amazing to be doing the right thing for my kiddos too- BONUS! This is monumental for me because it’s been a long time since I could say that I went 8 days in a row without compromising on my goals and justifying my way out of staying the course.

Again, anyone relate?

I feel amazing to have made a commitment, set a goal, and started towards it with conviction. And you know what, I’m building trust with myself- I’m starting to believe that I’m actually in control of my own choices! What a dang concept!

Who here needs to build some trust with themselves? Who is ready to start this dang thing already- whatever said dang thing is? What are you waiting for? Take a step- even if it’s a baby step- because any kind of step forwards… is just that: A step forward.


Here’s the guest blog in case you missed it…

I recently read a book by Rachel Hollis called Girl Wash Your Face. Maybe you’ve heard of it as it’s a smashing success. It’s a stinking fantastic book if you really want to give yourself a good kick in the pants … something I find is always welcomed. In one of the chapters Rachel gets real about how many promises she has broken to herself. This really struck me because I realized that I do the same dang thing!

If you’re anything like me, you know every New Year’s resolution you make will have some sort of clause about getting healthy. I’ll be honest; I’ve made leaps and bounds in this area as someone who really used to struggle with my body and weight and eating. It never fails that a New Year will bring a new opportunity for me to zero in on what I need to do to get myself more focused on my health.


Catch the rest here.

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