The last of Nevada

Saying goodbye is never easy. But it’s especially difficult when you’ve chosen it.

Packing up and leaving the place that I’ve called home for my entire life- 33 years- it’s challenging. There are mixed emotions to say the least. And honestly, as I’m closing in on the end of our road trip, and the beginning of my ‘new life’ on the farm, I have to say I’m getting nervous. Looking back at what we’ve left behind on the West Coast is a little sharper now. It hurts just a touch more all of the sudden. So putting together this vlog was absolutely the most bittersweet moment yet.

I miss you all. I miss my giant house. I miss the mountains.

But I know that our purpose here on earth is not to stay in our comfort zone. Our purpose is to take advantage of the amazing GIFTS that the Lord has given us- namely his son and that sacrifice, but also the gift of KNOWING that we’ve only got one go around. Have you ever considered that because we know life ends, we’ve been set free? Think about that. If we didn’t know it all ended, we might be compelled to just live it and take it all for granted. But no way! It ends. This is our one shot. And we’ve been called to do it right and big and for Him. So I don’t know about you, but I’m fighting to keep that in perspective everyday.

So yes, I’m nervous as we close in on this crazy homesteading adventure. I’m overwhelmed with the idea. I’m pretty certain I’ll break down and cry the second I realize there is no going back- because somehow I feel like that hasn’t really sunk in just yet- but I feel that I’m quite sure that there is a method to this madness. There is a bigger plan here. And I’m on board.

Even though I’m sad about what’s behind.

So as I reflected on Nevada, putting together this vlog, I have to say it is starting to hit me… this is real. This is a HUGE leap of faith.

But so was moving to Nevada…

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