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I am SO enjoying this whole vlogging thing! It’s a whole brand new way to create that I didn’t even ever know I had a passion for. And turns out, it comes rather naturally to me. My husband took three days of put together about 20 seconds of a vlog, and in the past maybe 5 days, I’ve put out three full vlogs!

I’m very visual and I love telling stories and this is a perfect way! I’m so grateful that you all are loving it and enjoying coming along on our journey! If you want to be sure not to miss the action, subscribe by clicking on the picture of our family at the end of any video and you’ll be notified when we post!

And on that note, you can subscribe to THIS blog too and you’ll get the same notification when I post a blog. Don’t worry, I still plan to write! Writing has always been a part of me. And some stories are just better read than seen. And I’ve got a few of those lined up too!

Looking forward to the continued adventure. Here are the last two episodes from our channel: Raising Cunninghams!

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