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So, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted a new blog BUT I’m just podcasting away over at the Gaining My Perspective Podcast. Check out the links below and come on over and give it a listen wherever you like to podcast.

Also, MASSIVE NEWS. The book is OUT! It’s available for your reading pleasure! Grab it straight from the publisher here or you can grab it on Barnes and Noble online or Amazon if you like to support Jeff (which of course I don’t).

You guys, it is such a trip to hold the physical book I’ve been working on for years in my actual hands. It’s surreal. But it pales in comparison to getting all the pictures of my nearest and dearest holding the physical book in THEIR actual hands. BUT that doesn’t even hold a torch to the tear filled messages I’m receiving as people are reading those final pages and sharing their experience with me.

It’s been a long journey, but it was most certainly worth it to stand on the other side of this finish line. I hope and pray that you will grab the book, read the book, and most of all… share the book. Who do you know who is questioning their faith? Wondering if God is real? Fearing maybe He’s not good? Or stumbling over hard questions and even life trauma? Please bless them with these words because they’re no good to me if they’re not serving others. I’m not on social media so I can’t spread the word in the “traditional” sense so I need you to be my twitter birds.

Would you please:

  • Post about the book and share the link for people to grab it!
  • Read it and REVIEW it (yes, on Amazon or B&N for now).
  • Email me and tell me your thoughts!
  • If you’re local, I’ll be doing an official book launch at Arrington Vineyards near Nashville on June 26th and I’d love to give you a non-socially distanced hug. Details to follow but pop it on your calendar!
  • Share Share Share.

I’m so grateful to be on this journey with you and in so many ways I know we’re just getting warmed up friends. We’re about to move into hyperdrive of sharing truth and bringing people back to Jesus (or maybe to Him for the first time!) Are you game for that or what?

Okay, podcast news! Can you believe I’ve got nine episodes up?

  1. How did we get here? Click here to learn more about why I started podcasting.
  2. HR1–Which people is it for? On this podcast I break down what the “For the People Act” is. It’s passed the House of Reps (what does that mean?) and we need to push back against this bad boy. It will be the end of our Republic as we know it if it passes.
  3. Homeschool–God’s plan for you? Thinking of homeschooling? Know someone who is? Does God have an opinion? Let’s talk about it.
  4. The war on Truth. Right is left and up is down. I don’t know if you’ve noticed but it feels like we’ve all taken crazy pills. There is a reason (and an agenda). Don’t be deceived.
  5. Vaccine passports. No thanks! Not for me. Curious why people are resistant to get the jab? It’s time to stand up for medical freedom folks.
  6. HR5–How the church is at a disadvantage. Another bill through the House of Reps and on the floor of the Senate. What is it and why is it the worst? What can we do to push back?
  7. Take the mask off! Special guest Katie Donahoo and I talk about what the mask symbolizes and how we can start to take steps to take it off. It’s time, guys.
  8. Democracy is a bad word. America is NOT a democracy. We are a republic. What’s the difference and why is it important for us to understand (before it’s too late)?
  9. The perception of racism. It’s a tricky conversation but a recent study exposes where we might be missing the truth on this issue.

Thanks, as always, for the support and for joining the battle for truth. Please email me with questions, topics, or disagreements. All are welcomed here.

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