Be kind. I’m still learning. And by “still learning” I mean I’ve watched two youtube videos on how to podcast and I just published my second episode. So yeah, you could say I’m underexperienced if you wanted to make up a good word (and you know I like to do that).

Goals of the podcast: Talk. Let’s talk about stuff. Sometimes I feel like I write about things but I need to flesh them out even more. My second episode, as an example, is about HR1. Obviously, I already blogged about it, but I wanted to talk about it a little bit more in depth. I want to do this on a lot of topics. And I want to know what you want to know about, so be sure to email me or comment below to let me know.

Second goal would be to inform. Actually, my mission with this blog and now as an extension into this podcast is to empower, inspire, inform, and encourage. That’s the nutshell of what I want to do with my life–as a matter of fact. So, let’s do that.

Third goal, as always, would be to make you laugh while helping you find the next right action step, and then move you. We’re gonna make moves together, friends.

So, I do hope you’ll join me wherever you like to listen to podcasts (if i’m not on your preferred platform, I’ll be there soon) and if you don’t podcast… I sure do hope you’ll cast my pod. Give it a like in the very least, and most certainly follow along as we gain perspective.

Here I am on Spotify. Or, here is my homepage on Anchor. Thanks, as always, for the support in all I (attempt to) do.

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