The Evidence That Shall Not Be Named

I’m an avid Harry Potter fan. (Yes, and a Christian!) And I gotta tell you, the entire cluster that was the 2020 election is a lot like Voldemort. It’s evil. It sends a chill down anyone’s spine who knows the truth—who is paying attention. It signals something so dark and ominous. And even the mention of the word f r a u d will get you censored faster than you can draw your wand.

But Dumbledore told Harry not to be afraid to speak the name Voldemort. He warned never to bow to fear or give it power, and never to stop fighting. We can’t stop fighting. And even though that bravery in speaking the name of Voldemort did come back to bite Harry in the butt in book seven (remember Voldemort actually put a trace on the name so that anyone bold enough to speak the word would be automatically targeted and destroyed–that sounds familiar), I refuse to live by lies.

I take for granted the fact that the information I know to be true, the evidence I’ve seen, is not widely known. My confidence in what’s what might not be your confidence. Most haven’t spent the time obsessing over all this like I have, which is understandable. Who has time? I watched most of the senate hearings live—and Arizona, for example was ten hours long—so of course I’d have a better grasp on it.

Well, I want to catch you up–I’ve collected what I consider to be the most compelling evidence of this circus. I want to make things simple and I want to make the evidence accessible—that’s my goal with this blog. You’re welcome! This will not be an exhaustive list. There is far too much info to boil down in one blog. But I hope it will help shed light on where things went wrong and what happened. I believe information is power. I believe understanding what happened on and after November 3, 2020 is critical to how we will move forward as a country. We were lied to. It’s not about being misled, this is much worse than that. It’s this very evidence that led me to D. C. on January 6th.

I don’t share any of this because I hope to overturn the results of the presidency, but because we all deserve to know what really went down. It’s an atrocity what the mainstream media has done to this country. It’s treason. And I will fight back with everything I’ve got—luckily for now that just means the truth.

The narrative around this election has shifted over time. It began with, “This was the most secure election we’ve ever seen.” Then we moved to, “There is no evidence of election fra0d.” Then, after plenty of compelling evidence was presented, we moved along down to, “There is no evidence of widespread vote fra0d.” Now, if you’re paying attention you might start to ask, “What does that mean? What qualifies as ‘widespread?’” Or you might just stay asleep until the final narrative—the one we’ve landed on and accepted—comes your way which is, “There is not enough evidence that would overturn the election.”

Let’s unpack this together, shall we?

First of all, we have an electoral college in this country (and thank God—perhaps we’ll tackle that another time?) so the president is not selected as simply as a majority vote. The president is selected by way of electors sent from each state. Those electors are usually selected as a reflection of the popular vote—the will of the people—of that state. The constitution says that the state legislature shall do the appointing of said electors. Each state has a different number of electoral “votes” they shall cast, which is based on population and congressional representation. The president has to receive 270 votes to be elected.

According to the current count of the 2020 presidential election, Biden received 306 and Trump received 232 votes. Here is where things get wonky…

The following state’s results (and their allotted points) remain in question today due to the evidence of fra0d, irregularities, anomalies, and ongoing litigation:







**New Mexico—5 also sent in competing electors but was not generally held as a state in question until the submission of electors mid-December. I can’t confidently speak to the election results in that state. There are other states that have since come forth as well with reports similar to that of the six mentioned above, but I’m just going to stick with what I know.

So, right away you can see two important contradictions to the MSM narrative. For one, although we don’t know what the MSM would consider “widespread” election fra0d, personally, I’d say this qualifies. Second, the challenged electoral vote count is not insignificant. 79 points remain in question, yet only 38 points would mean we’d have an entirely different presidential outcome.

Although there is quite a lot of anecdotal evidence—poll watchers who were kicked out, unable to see the tables clearly, not let into the buildings, specific incidences where people saw things that were absolutely illegal and fra0dulant—I’m not going to focus on any of that. It’s compelling, it’s ridiculous and has to be addressed and investigated, but may or may not have resulted in a different outcome on its own.

Also, as you click and research I’ve got some tips for ya:

  1. In this world of “fact-checking” and “debunking,” please take a minute to research and understand who these fact-checkers are before you believe their assessment of information. They’re not independent researchers as MSM and Facebook would have us believe. This is all part of the cancel culture we’re living in. It’s a challenge to find good sources of information, and honestly it’s safe to assume all sources are not only biased but also not completely true. My best advice to those who are looking at information is to let the Holy Spirit be your guide. Use your discernment. Trust that above anyone else.
  2. Watch/look at the info! Don’t immediately jump to vilify or slander the source. I’ve selected some articles, but there are more than one for each claim referenced–you’re free to look around. This is something I’ve run into a lot recently: Someone asks for info, I send it, and they don’t look at the info at all but set right to debunking the source so as to not have to think about it themselves. Don’t be that person. Read the articles. Look at the references. Watch the videos. Practice critical thinking. Don’t fall into the trap of letting someone else tell you what you should or shouldn’t think about something.

Great resources for looking at a lot of evidence in one place are:

  • Sidney Powell’s evidence (admissible in court). Sidney is a federal prosecutor NOT on the Trump team who has brought a number of election lawsuits. Sidney Powell and Lin Wood have cases scheduled to be heard by the US Supreme Court this month. Check out her website here.
  • The Navarro Report. Peter Navarro was an aid to the Trump administration, and although he’s not a lawyer himself, his report is a well-researched (and cited) accumulation of evidence from the various lawsuits across the nation. Check it out here.

Georgia—16 electoral votes:

When I saw this video for the first time, it made me sick to my stomach. It was first presented at one of the Georgia Senate hearings. It shows that four people stay behind after everyone else—media and poll watchers—have been told to go home. These four continue counting ballots, illegally, well into the night. Allegedly a pipe burst, which is the reason given to send everyone home, however witness testimony from the repair man alleges it was a toilet that overflowed and nothing more–no need to evacuate. There are other versions of the video that have been zoomed in to show more clearly that one of the women is taking the same stack of ballots and counting them again and again.

Obviously this is wrong on a number of levels–you can’t count ballots more than once, where was the chain of custody, are these ballots legal? Even if they were legal, authentic ballots, at the very least they’re not legally allowed to be cast without oversight from a Democrat and Republican poll watcher. That oversight is clearly missing. There is so much wrong with this it’s insane.

The margin of victory in Georgia is just shy of 12,000 votes. With four ballot counters in action for several hours unsupervised, there was more than enough time and ballots to sway the election in this state. Take a look.

If that’s not compelling enough, according to the Navarro report (cited above), over 66,000 underaged voters voted in this election. Between those voters, the 10,000+ dead voters and the 2000+ felons who voted I think it’s safe to say Georgia is a hot mess.

This next video illustrates the large number of ballots that were adjudicated (in this case the video is in Georgia, but you’ll see a similar problem in Michigan). Don’t worry, I didn’t know what adjudication meant either. Adjudication happens when a ballot is unable to be read—or the voter’s intention deciphered—by the machine and so it’s flagged for oversight. A poll worker will then look at the ballot and decide what they believe the voter intended. This process is meant to be done with the oversight of 3-4 people—all of different political affiliation—so as to be entirely fair and objective. There is also a minimum level of adjudication allowed because you can see how it would be a slippery slope to have people trying to decipher votes that are meant to be private.

This video claims that 106,000 ballots of 113,130 were adjudicated! That’s 94% of these would-be private and secure ballots going through the hands of someone who may have accidentally or intentionally switched a vote. This is where the anecdotal accounts of poll observers being kicked out or unable to watch counting becomes relevant, wouldn’t you say?

Also remember, the discrepancy in Georgia is less than 12,000 votes.

Another compelling witness that testified in many of the state senate hearings over the months that followed the election was Matt Braynard. Mr. Braynard conducted a number of phone interviews with voters as well as analyzed a crazy amount of voter registration issues and initially found 1.25 million problems across the six contested states. Matt’s testimony has been corroborated by a number of witnesses and signed affidavits. In case you don’t know, a signed affidavit carries with it the penalty of perjury. Such testimony is not given lightly or flippantly.

Matt investigated voters who filed a national change of address form to the post office and then voted from the state they claimed to have moved from—it’s illegal to vote in a state you do not live.

In Georgia, Matt found 138,221 such voters (remember the difference between Biden and Trump was only about 12,000). In Michigan, there were 51,302 such people, Wisconsin had 26,673, Nevada had 27,271, Arizona had 19,997, and Pennsylvania had 13,671.

In Wisconsin and Arizona (as well as Georgia above), Matt’s evidence alone is more than the margin of victory between the two candidates. Those three states account for 37 electoral votes! Matt also poses a variety of other concerns like voters registering at PO boxes and UPS stores—which is illegal—and would sway the votes in the six states even more dramatically. Read more here.

Lastly (and yet only scratching the surface of evidence in Georgia), we’ve all heard that Domin0n voting machines are not connected to the internet in anyway. I actually watched the hearing in Michigan where the CEO of Domin0n alleged that it’s impossible to connect these voting machines up to the internet. Obviously, it would be a huge problem to have voting machines online at any point due to the likelihood (and it is likely) of foreign or even domestic interference. Even with a firewall or other protections, it’s unanimously agreed that would make our elections incredibly vulnerable.

Awkwardly—Jovan Pullitzer—who was a witness testifying at one of the Senate hearings in Georgia, was able to hack into the Senate runoff election in real time live on tv. Yes, that was not during the presidential election, but it proves that the exact same machines used on and before Nov. 3rd were, in fact, online during voting and were also easily hacked. This calls into question the senate runoff integrity as well, but I hope we can all just say the senate runoff is already in question.

Pennsylvania—20 electoral votes:

According to the Navarro report, there are nearly one million votes that remain in questions in Pennsylvania. A large part of the problem in PA is the last minute and illegal changes to the voting laws in the state. As I mentioned before, each state can set whatever laws they feel are necessary to insure election integrity. Those laws are constitutionally put forth by the state legislature. In the case of PA, however, a state Supreme Court judge ruled shortly before the election that ballots could be accepted for a number of days after election day. It was later ruled that this judge did not have the jurisdiction to change the law which stated only ballots received by election day could be counted. The Supreme Court of the US (SCOTUS) ruled that any ballots that were received after election day had to be kept separately and, if counted, should be tallied separately while this issue was resolved. The ballots were not kept separate. This created a giant mess.

Reports in the days following the election claimed Trump was calling for voting to stop in PA. That’s partially true. He was referring to this issue—the change in the law that was done illegally. Unfortunately, as we’ve seen, courts move incredibly slow (there are still a number of election cases pending and we’re a month into the Biden administration). The failure of the Secretary of State’s department to comply with the ruling to keep those votes separate, and the massive over-step of the state Supreme Courts illegal law change made for an impossible outcome. There is truly no honest way to know who won the state of PA based on the way the election was administered.

In late December, PA State Rep. Russ Diamond released a statement after several lawmakers preformed an analysis of the voting in Pennsylvania. This is the report and what it claims:

“November 3, 2020 as recorded by the Department of State shows that 6,962,607 total ballots were reported as being cast, while DoS/SURE system records indicate that only 6,760,230 total voters actually voted. Among the 6,962,607 total ballots cast, 6,931,060 total votes were counted in the presidential race, including all three candidates on the ballot and write-in candidates.

The difference of 202,377 more votes cast than voters voting, together with the 31,547 over- and under-votes in the presidential race, adds up to an alarming discrepancy of 170,830 votes, which is more than twice the reported statewide difference between the two major candidates for President of the United States.”

This is troubling, obviously, but given the fact the margin of victory in PA is a little under 82,000, this error/issue alone could change the outcome of the race. Also, keep in mind it’s the state lawmakers who are meant to be selecting the electors as well as writing the laws in regard to their state’s election (according to the constitution). We need to make sure the constitutional power remains where it was meant to be moving forward.

Michigan—16 electoral votes:

Michigan showed the largest margin of victory for Biden of the six contested states with just shy of 155,000 votes. You’d think that would be a pretty compelling win. Do you remember hearing about Antrim county? That’s the county that had all their votes “glitch” and switch from Trump to Biden. It was originally reported as a computer error, but recognizing that would make the machines look flawed, the narrative was quickly corrected to “human error.”

Whatever the reason the votes switched, this triggered a court-sanctioned forensic audit of the Domini0n machines in Michigan—machines you’ve likely heard by now are used all over the country and were actually contested by the Democratic Party in previous elections for their vulnerabilities. This report was truly damning. It found both the ballot-adjudication logs and the security logs for the Nov. 3 general election appear to have been removed. The previous year’s election logs were still present. (Things that make you go hmmm). But more than that, this echoed the reports coming out of Georgia which were that the error rate leading to adjudication was alarmingly high. Illegally high, as a matter of fact. The Federal Election Commission allows for an error rate of 0.0008%. The forensic audit revealed an error rate of 68%! Michigan, like Georgia, should not have been allowed to certify these illegal results.

But this is where it starts to get really interesting (and incredibly suspicious). In Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia Trump was ahead on election night. Ahead by a lot, actually. Because we’d all been primed “not to expect results on election night” many of us went to bed without much thought. I, however, already felt like something was amiss. In most of the states, the great majority of the vote had been counted and it appeared to be a done deal for Trump–particularly so in 4 of the 6 contested states. And then voting stopped. It just stopped. We still don’t know why that happened. I stayed up until 1am central time hoping to see numbers start to move again, but they did not.

When I woke up in the morning, everything looked quite different.

After the Associated Press called the election for Biden, many different voting integrity groups began examining the data from election night and the days before and after. Of course, there were immediate questions and issues, and lawsuits were filed in all six states by a number of individuals and groups. (A surprisingly small number of lawsuits were filed by the Trump team, but they led the charge on encouraging the senate hearings to allow the public to hear the evidence—that supposedly wasn’t there—so it’s believed that a number of Trump’s cases were thrown out (I’ll come back to this in a minute)). Analysis of the data revealed “vote spikes” that were “unusually large in size and had an unusually high Biden-to-Trump ratio.” This is according a report by the voter integrity project.

The spikes, as you can see in these graphs below, were alarming and they all came in the middle of the night. The Michigan spike corresponds to at least two sworn affidavits and witness testimony given at the Michigan senate hearing that alleges there were trucks with thousands of ballots dropped off in the middle of the night. On Feb. 5, 2021 the security footage from the TFC center was released and it seems to corroborate this testimony–I’m still looking into this new development.

The report above states, “We find that the extents of the respective anomalies here are more than the margin of victory in all three states — Michigan, Wisconsin, and Georgia — which collectively represent forty-two electoral votes.”

These unexplained vote spikes won the presidential election. And man don’t they stick out like sore thumb?

Wisconsin—10 electoral votes:

As you saw in the graph above, the discrepancy between Biden and Trump—just over 20,000 votes—may well have been different without those outlier anomalous vote spikes. It’s just so strange they all came in the middle of the night, after the count has stopped, and very clearly seem to help Biden “catch up” to Trump. Maybe if it was just one state, maybe if it was just one time… maybe then it would make sense. But when I looked at this in relation to all the other “anomalies,” I just didn’t buy it.

Wisconsin has some of the strictest voting laws of any state. It’s really hard to cheat there—the laws are clear. According to the lawsuit brought by the Trump team 170,000 in-person absentee ballots were cast without the submission of a legally required absentee ballot application. That makes those votes illegal.

Furthermore, 220,000 voters used the excuse of “indefinitely confined” in order to solicit an absentee ballot in the state after a county clerk encouraged voters to do so on Facebook (he was sued and had to take the comment down as that’s not, in fact, allowed). A state court ruling agreed with the Trump team stating that a stay-at-home order did not render voters indefinitely confined. That’s a lot of illegally cast votes—far more than the 20,000 margin of victory in the state.

Arizona—11 electoral votes:

Arizona is still fighting. Forensic audits of the machines there have been court ordered and although the subpoenas were ignored before Jan. 6th, the GOP is not giving up. Their legal battles are far from over.

With only 10,000 votes separating Biden and Trump, according to the Navarro report they had more than 35,000 non-citizens vote in the 2020 election which is more than enough to challenge the results.

Also, don’t forget, Matt Braynard’s evidence shows almost 20,000 voters who claimed to have moved from Arizona but who still voted in Arizona… twice as many as the margin of victory.

Do you see where I’m coming from here? Do you see why millions of people found themselves protesting the election on Jan. 6th? Do you see why I can’t accept the way things went down? It’s not that I’m a sore loser. It’s not that I’m pulling a Hillary and making up a fake accusation of a Russian collusion that would waste millions upon millions of tax payer’s dollars in a tantrum.

Do not believe it when they tell you there isn’t evidence, or there isn’t “enough” evidence. There is so much evidence it makes me think we’re headed towards something much more ominous than an illegitimate presidency…

And don’t let them tell you the courts have heard and thrown out these cases. Do your research people so that you don’t make a fool of yourself. Most of these cases were dismissed due to standing (which means the person who brought the case didn’t have the standing to bring the case—they weren’t the right victim so to speak), or due to laches (which means the case should have been brought sooner). In neither of these instances is the merit of the case evaluated or reflected in a ruling (or dismissal). That means the majority of this evidence hasn’t been heard by a court, folks!

According to a recent article, of 81 cases brought across the US, 47 cases remain. Only 22 have been finalized based on the merits of the case, and of those, Trump or the GOP has won 15 and lost only 7! Twenty-five lawsuits remain in play—a few are slated to be heard by the SCOTUS this month.

I know this blog is lengthy. I promise you it was not easy to write as so many of the articles, the videos, and the reports have been censored and eliminated. You might be asking… why does this matter? It’s over. It’s done. It is what it is.

Let me put it to you this way…

There are men and women who have died for this country–husbands, fathers, brothers, sisters, mothers. Your family memebers, and mine, have given everything they have to give–their very lives.

It matters.

We have a duty to honor their sacrifice because most of us haven’t had to sacrifice a dang thing–thank God. We owe it to our founding fathers, to our own fathers, to throw out tyranny when we see it. The liberties we take for granted are not free. They are fragile. And we’re giving them up. For what? For an ideology? For a political party? Like seriously… for what?

The people who know this was a sham, the people who are outraged at this blatant theft, are being labeled as domestic terrorists. Elected officials think we should be put in “re-education camps.” And this hoax of an impeachment trial positions any talk of election fra0d as incitement and sedition. You’ve got to be kidding me. It’s as if no one voted for Trump and he’s delusional in challenging such an open and closed election–when in fact no incumbent president in history has ever received as many votes as Donald Trump.

The way this has been navigated is criminal. It’s shameful. And history tells us it ends very poorly.

We have got to fix this. Do not let this administration institute large scale mail-in voting. Call your state reps and ask them to get rid of these absurd voting machines. Even if you’re thrilled about a Biden presidency, it could be you on this side of the evidence next time. It’s not pleasant, I assure you. And this is not how you want to win.

I pray that this blog is a light that shines in the darkness. My prayer from Nov. 3rd until today is “Everything done in the dark will be brought to the light.” Luke 8:17. God is just. And it’s in a just God that I put my faith.

But make no mistake… this is a dangerous game we’re playing. A very dangerous game. It’s time to get off the bench while there is still time.

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