Be a light

A few weeks back at church I was reminded of something that has since been sitting heavy on my heart and I wanted to share it with Y’all.

The world is becoming so dark- mass shootings constantly, hate reigns, judgement and superiority is everywhere. What is happening? And how can we participate in this world without adding to the darkness? It’s so tricky!

Just this last week, I’ve been involved in or aware of two separate instances where a Christian friend or acquaintance stood on a high horse of judgement in one conversation- of course trying to offer sound advice and guidance- and then stepped into a pit of sin in the next. Y’all, that’s how life works, right? He who is without sin throw the first stone. So if any of us- Christian or otherwise- has any plans to stand in judgement or damnation over anyone or in any situation, we should be sure that our personal lives, behaviors and ethics are DIALED and PERFECT, right?! I’m going to go ahead and say that that’s not going to be possible. (Note to self as well).

So what do we do? How do we contribute anything to the ongoing conversation about what is happening in our society today without just adding to the hate, judgment and damnation?

Well, we can love.

I remember my husband telling me about an Amish community a few years back who fell victim to a mass shooter. Someone came into their church and opened fire and many lives were lost because of it. Later that same week, the bishop of that Amish community publicly forgave the shooter and offered… love.

Does the offender deserve forgiveness and mercy? NO! Do we? Also… no. But what an example of practicing what they preach, right? What a beautiful way to add light to that darkness. It’s easy to damn someone, or try to set up a dozen more laws that limit and restrict the perfectly law abiding citizens who wouldn’t dream of doing such a thing, but the problem isn’t that we need more restrictions and rules and hate and separation… we need more love you guys.

In church the other week, the pastor was giving an example of the darkness of this world and he turned off the lights in the entire venue. The church I attend is actually held in a concert venue in Nashville, so when the lights go out, it’s actually pretty dang dark in there. His point for leaving us all in darkness there was to show how it was NOT him spewing the consequences of being in darkness, or the fear in the darkness that brought light into the room. It was NOT him talking about the destination of those living in darkness, or the pain of the darkness, or the judgment of those in darkness.

None of that added light to the room. Not one little bit.

And then in a beautifully theatrical moment that the thespian in me freaking LOVED, the pastor turned on a spot light that flooded the dark stage with light.

You see, only light… brings light into the darkness.

Light cannot be canceled out by darkness. Light wins. It always wins over darkness. It never fails in darkness. Light helps us to see, it provides a path for us, and it lessens the fear.

You can’t fight darkness with more darkness. That will never help people to see. That will never bring them to the truth. Truth brings truth.

I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. John 8:12.

Jesus is light. Light is love. Now what do you have to contribute to the conversation? More darkness? More judgement, damnation, ideas, laws, finger pointing…. or do you have love?

Worth thinking about.

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