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Guest blog spot: You guessed it! We’re back over at Impact Women. I hope you guys are jumping around to some of the other blogs up on that site because dang, my co-bloggers are Badasses (with a capital B) and it’s not a surprise that there is a massive movement being created here.

So let’s back up… do you even know what the heck Impact Women is? Have I even explained it? Well, even if I have it bares repeating… my friend Sunny Cain is one of the more gifted female pastors I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing speak. Yes! I said it! A female pastor (insert gasps here)! But that’s pretty much beside the point. She is one of the more gifted females I’ve ever heard speak or frankly, had the pleasure to know. The way that woman is gifted with divine inspiration… you really should see it for yourself!

You’re in luck! You CAN come see it for yourself! Sunny and a number of other BA women from all over the country congregate in Carson City, Nevada (of all places) once a year and attempt to blow you lady’s socks off. I like to think we do a pretty dang good job, and yes, you’re guessing right, I’m generally including myself in this gaggle of gals. Two years ago, based on a blog I wrote on this very platform, Sunny invited me to speak at the conference, and then I started teaching for Impact Women and now I’m just a full blown groupie, fan and contributer.

So before I go any further, I want to clarify by saying Impact Women, although run by a whole lot of God loving women, isn’t JUST for God loving women. We welcome ALL the women who want to make an impact with their lives, on their lives. So if that’s you, please considering coming to the conference, and in the very least perusing the blog and website. Learn what they’re about, join the community and be a part of the movement!

On Mother’s Day tickets for the conference went on sale, so don’t worry, you’re not behind the 8 ball on that one yet, but go ahead and save the date: Sept 14th. I know where you’re going to want to be. It’s Carson City baby!

In the meantime, give this blog a little look see… because you are not a victim:

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