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Holy look at this new website!!! Let’s all just take a minute and shout out my girl Destiny over at the Pixel Pantry for making this blog into a website and into something beyond what I expected or could have dreamed of. I may not be a big deal but this website makes me feel like the biggest deal, I love it and I hope you love coming and hanging out here as much as I do because here’s the 411 (remember that phrase from the 2000’s? We need to bring it back!):

You might be wondering why I spent a bunch of money to give this blog a mega make over…

Well, for one, I needed to put some skin in the game. Can y’all relate? I like to say that ‘wanting’ is the lowest form of motivation and so I don’t just ‘want’ to be a successful blogger… I’m going to COMMIT to that goal (I wanted to say a bad word there, because I’m that fired up).

For twos, I need to up my commitment by writing in this bad boy regularly (like aiming for 3-4 times a week), and there is no better way to up your game than to invest dollar bills into something, am I wrong? Where your money flows, your heart goes… or something like that? And I want my heart to be in my writing more than it is… so I needed to put some money where the (virtual) paper is.

Third thing is… I’M IN THE PROCESS OF WRITING A BOOK!! I know I just wrote that in all caps like I’m excited, and although that’s partially true, I’m also terrified and I think caps expresses fear too. Not as good as emojis but we work with what we’ve got here. My book agent says that when I have 10,000 newsletter subscribers, we will have a big enough platform to launch my book. (One day I will write an entire blog about what I didn’t know goes into writing a book, but for now, just trust me that this is the next mile marker for this lifetime goal of mine).

So here is where I’m going to need some audience participation… will you pretty please subscribe to my newsletter? Honestly, I’m not entirely committed to the idea that you HAVE to actually even read the newsletter- although you’re totally going to be curious and want to- but I do need you to subscribe for me if you’re willing to participate in a friend/stranger’s dream becoming reality. Don’t act like you don’t have 293 things coming to your email right now that you don’t read… what’s one more thing? AND if you’re in the most generous mood today… would you give this little blog a share and request that your friends subscribe to this newsletter thing so that I can watch God work and make this book deal happen? You’re the very best, and I so appreciate your support in whatever way it comes!!

For fourths, I need to exercise my voice. If I’m being honest, and you know I like to be, I have kind of lost it in the last few months. I haven’t been feeling as inspired and I just haven’t been feeling much like myself- in my writing life that is. And if there is one thing that I know is going to carry this book, it’s authenticity. I need to get back to me again, and this is where that’s going to happen. You know when you need to get stronger; you go to the gym and work out? Well, I mean I don’t have personal experience, but that’s what they say… this is the same as that. This is my writing gym.

So yay, that’s the latest folks. I’m ON FREAKING FIRE for this project and this new blog and this beautiful website and I know you’re not just going to begrudgingly be dragged along for the ride. I have a feeling this might be fun for the both of us. So thanks for playing along and supporting this crazy endeavor into the wild blue yonder… it’s so nice to dive into the deep end with friends. Prayers and good vibes accepted, but yea… if you could subscribe… mainly that. LOL.

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