Too soon

I read something today that struck me straight in the forehead with perspective and I just had to share it…

Beth Moore wrote in her most recent bible study entitled, ‘Quest:’

“Faith knows that, when you wrestle with God, if you’ll hang on long enough, the blessing will come. Sometimes we just let go too soon.”

O.M.G. Is this just a mega dose of encouragement to anyone else here? In this message, Beth is referring to the epic bible battle between Jacob and God.

If you don’t know the story, let me catch you up: Jacob is a historical figure from the Old Testament and he is kind of known as a sketchy dude most of his life. He lied and cheated his way into a birthright that should have been his brothers and he ended up running away from the problems he caused at home. Well, on his journey back home to face his past… he meets with- and then fights with- a man who is revealed to be God.

You see, in this battle, Jacob knows that he’s at the complete mercy of God. He knows that God could quite easily take him out at any moment, and at the same time, Jacob is fervently fighting him… begging and pleading for God to bless him. He’s clinging to God, even in the battle. He’s begging for the blessing.

The fight lasts all night long.

Sometimes God takes us to battle. He wants to do some big work in our hearts and it can feel like a wrestling match where we’re not even sure where we will land or who we will be on the other side. And those instincts are correct, because we never walk away from a serious fight with someone we love and respect as the same person, right? We’re always changed by it. But that’s kind of the point. That’s basically what we’re doing here… trying to become better, learn, grow, get it right… do better than we have done.

I don’t know about you but I have a past. There is a lot of it that I’m not exactly proud of. And I’ve gone all in on the mat with God- more than once. Sometimes He meets me in the dark when I’m not expecting it, and sometimes I’ve gone searching for the fight- ready for the change.

But one thing is for sure… when the going get’s tough, I can’t say that I don’t ever tap out. I totally tap out! Not always, but probably more often than not. When the match gets heated, I’ll be the first one to say ‘uncle’ as opposed to find myself hurt- injured.

(Note: God leaves Jacob with a permanent limp after the battle is over. That… and He changes Jacob’s name).

Maybe I’m letting go too soon? Maybe that’s why I keep meeting with God on the mat? Beth says that “when you wrestle with God, if you’ll hang on long enough, the blessing will come.”

God blesses Jacob. He holds him accountable, for sure. God doesn’t let Jacob escape without acknowledging what he’s been about. But God does the changing… he blesses Jacob by releasing him from the very things that have been holding him back.

It really made me stop and consider… am I just letting go of God too soon?

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