Facing the storm

Another guest blog up on Impactwomennv.com! It’s a spin off of a blog I wrote here a while back. Hope you enjoy it and the rest of the writers over at Impact!

I live in the south. Tennessee to be specific. And it storms here, if you haven’t heard. And I mean ‘STORMS’ as a verb. It’s an action word around these parts. And because I’m from California, these storms strike a fear in me that I know doesn’t find it’s way into the heart of the locals.

Just a few days ago, we had a major storm hit pretty much out of the blue. I had checked the weather in the morning and there was about a 30% chance of rain later in the afternoon. I took my three kids to the free summer movie at 11am and came out of the theater to the darkest sky I’d ever seen. I was suddenly afraid. I just felt the fear come over me. Doom.

I got the kids in the car without checking my phone, but when I got home I realized that my husband, Thomas, had called and texted me about the fast approaching storm. My weather alert had notified me of a severe thunderstorm, which means anything from hail, wind, and even tornados are possible. I made it home about twenty minutes before the storm front hit. Thomas thought we would miss the brunt of it, but when I looked at the radar, it didn’t seem that we’d be so lucky.

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