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Oh, I’m not done with Christmas, Readers! Not yet! Not even close! I wish I would have thought to do a 12 blogs of Christmas, because there is just that much, but hey- there is always next year!

So for today, I want to head back to our dear friend Mary (as in Jesus’ mom). Mary didn’t have a last name. She was like Madonna (I mean, wait, wasn’t she THE OG Madonna?), but that’s not important to the story, I’m just pointing it out. Today, we know which Mary we’re talking about when we say Mary, but can you imagine the rumors back then?

“Wait, WHICH Mary is pregnant?”

Either way, what I want to dive into, Readers, is a concept that was put in front of me at my MOPS (Mothers of Pre-Schoolers) meeting this month. The idea was that of all the ways that our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, could have chosen to come into the world, He chose to come as a baby. He could have come into a rich family, or into royalty. He could have come down a stairway from heaven- that might have helped his cause in getting his message out- but He came as a baby. In a manger. To a mother.

Don’t get me started on all the wonders of Jesus, because I’m telling you, I’d love to go there, but it’s been said. And without distracting you from the whole point- which is Jesus- I have to just say, there is something about Mary. Of all the ways that Jesus could have entered into this world, He came through birth, straight into a mother’s arms.

A mother… of all people and titles… Jesus was first held, like so many of us, by His mom. And although Jesus was here to do the delivering, Mary first delivered Him.** This is profound to me. This is just amazing. I just LOVE how God has written His proof into our story. Creation proves Creator.

I can’t imagine that it’s coincidence that God made us, wired us, to be creators. I don’t think it’s random that WE can be moms. We can feel what it’s like to make a human and go through the pain (physical and emotional) of having them become separated from us. We get to understand, quite entirely, the idea of unconditional love. We get to walk through the beautiful stages of growth and maturity until our creation becomes a completely independent thinker. They get to CHOOSE to love us, or leave us, or reject us, or disown us, or hate us. They can choose to blame us, ignore us, disrespect us, or even turn their backs on us forever.

God planed this, obviously. How better could we understand Him? How much more completely could we see and feel what He sees and feels, as our Father?

So the fact that Jesus comes to earth through a mom… man, that’s good Bible (as one of my favorite pastors Chris Brown likes to say). That is GOOD Bible- print it!

Can you imagine holding your precious baby boy, your first born child, the child that is going to come into this world and change the game? The child that’s going to be so wonderful, and perfect, and exceptional. The one that’s going to go down in history and be remembered forever and for always. Can you even imagine that moment of pure joy?

Of course I can. I’m a mom.

Mary was chosen to be the mom of the Son of God. She was appointed for that time, that title, that impossible job…

And so are we, all of us mommies. Sure, Mary makes the Bible and I suppose she’s pretty dang important, but don’t forget the message in this… God chooses moms- He appoints us- to bring life, to bring change, to walk in His footsteps, to be in His own image… We’re chosen too. In this same big way.

Because when Jesus made his most perfect entrance into the history books, He didn’t do it by flying in on a chariot of fire. He did it through a mom. I mean, that’s basically the same thing right? But seriously, He did it through human creation. And when Mary held Him in her arms, she felt all the feels that we, moms, know all too well. And as He grew and became a child separate from her, and an adult who would come to die for her and for all of us, her heart broke. We rejoice now, and it is good news, but can you imagine? Can you even imagine what that would have been like for Mary? To watch her son walk perfectly through His life, doing nothing but good, serving people and loving like no one else… only to be murdered? Can you even imagine that?

Of course I can. I’m a mom.

God chooses moms. He chose Mary, but He chose you too. And me. He knows that only moms can love like moms. Only moms get it. Only we can feel the deep feels of physically creating another human and watching life happen to them. It’s hard, am I right? The struggle is REAL! But, it’s also such a blessing. If there was going to be anyone on earth that would even stand a chance of understanding just a little bit of what God’s love is all about, would it not be us?

Of course it would be! We’re moms!

Merry Christmas to all the mommies! Hold those precious babies- no matter their age. They’re ours. They’re His.


**YES, I KNOW! This is basically a lyric I ripped from that stupid song that I despise AND blogged about here: Mary did you know? I see the irony.

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