It’s just one of them days

Ever had one of those weeks?

You know, where you’re 14 month old get’s a bloody nose… twice.

You find the remote control in the toilet.

Your 3 year old literally touches the stove and burns his hand while you’re trying to get out the door for church… even though you explicitly told him it was HOT.

Your 5 year old decides to be 15.

You get a fraudulent inquiry into your credit in the middle of applying for a home loan.

You discover you’re in collections for a bill that a) you never knew was overdue and b) was paid in full a year ago.

Your home loan falls through one week before close.

You’re down to one car because the other car is permanently parked until you close escrow… if escrow ever closes… because you can’t get your credit checked for anything or take out any new debt.

And the car you’re down to only starts on a good day, when it’s warm, yet not too hot outside… but it’s been snowing… so it’s a complete game of hope and prayer that it starts because… well… it just has to.

Ever just had one of those weeks?

Yea, me neither.

BUT, if I ever did have one of those weeks, I know what I would do.

  1. I would laugh because seriously… the remote control was in the toilet! How cliché!
  2. I would bust out my bible and look for answers… and I would find them. Because that’s where the best ones are.
  3. I would write in my gratitude journal, because I find when you’re grateful, you can’t be much of anything else. You are forced to see the blessings…

So let’s gain some perspective here (my very favorite thing to do)!

  1. It’s JUST a bloody nose. And he’s a HE so I’m sure there are more where that comes from!
  2. Remotes dry! And there wasn’t even pee OR poop. #bonus
  3. My 3 year old learned a valuable lesson- quite literally the hard way- and we didn’t even have to go to the ER… this time.
  4. My 5 year old WILL be 15 by the grace of God, and this is the prep course. Study up!
  5. Glad I know someone is out there trying to steal my goods! A quick call to Kohl’s and we’re all squared up! #dodgedbullet
  6. Hey! My credit score went up over night now that I know that a bill I paid a year ago was in collections. Easy fix!
  7. Home loan falls through but makes way for God to show up in the most amazing way I’ve ever seen… stick around for this coming blog!! It’s going to be a good one!
  8. We have a car that runs most of the time! That’s more than most of the world can say! And we’re ALMOST able to replace it! #thankgodmercedesaregoodcars
  9. Prayer works… even when you’re just praying that your car starts.

So hey, if you ever find yourself in the middle of one of those SUPER exciting weeks, feel free to pop this blog into bookmarks for future reference.

God know’s I’ll be coming back to it!

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