I’m busy…


Man, do I hear that ALL the time! And since we talked about it in church today, I figured what better topic to think on for the day.

Question: What are we all so dang busy doing? And why do we wear this ‘busy-ness’ as a badge of honor?

I have to tell you, when someone says to me, “I know you’re busy but…” I feel like a failure in that moment. We are WAY too caught up in making a living these days that we forget to make a LIFE. And I want to be one of those life makers. I’ve fashioned my life around the freedom of time. I’ve worked hard so that I don’t have to be so dang ‘busy’ all the time. And I want the people in my life who gain value from me to know that THAT is what I WANT to spend my time doing; giving value!

I’m NOT too busy for that…

And I think most of the time, it’s a fake, throw away response anyway…

“How are you doing?”


What does that even mean? Is that synonymous with “I’m good!”? Does that mean you’re stressed? Is it a good thing or a bad thing? It really doesn’t say anything. And it also implies, which is the part that boils my blood, that the rest of us are NOT busy. Hello?! What is it that you think I do all day? Sit around?

You- Mr. or Mrs. Busy- are NOT somehow more important or more in demand than someone else. Sorry to break it to you.

Have you thought of it that way? I know I hadn’t…

But truly, when someone tells me “I’m just too busy,” my first response is that I’m offended. It makes it seem that the things we appreciate or value, are some how ‘less than’ to the busy person.

Do I have a lot that I do in the day? Absolutely! I have 3 kids! And one is 3 years old! Have you ever hung out with a three year old? Talk about busy! My husband and I both run businesses from our home. We have a lot demanded of us. But I wouldn’t say that I’m busy.

I would say that I’m making a life.

Would you say the same?

Our pastor in church today said that both honey bee’s and mosquitoes are busy. That’s VERY true. They’re almost constantly buzzing around trying to accomplish what they’re here to accomplish. The difference in their business, however, is pretty profound.

The honey bee is here to make a difference and impact it’s community and surroundings. Every time a honey bee leaves the hive, it’s to go and collect food for the colony. And when they’re in the flower collecting the food, they’re actually pollenating the flower. They’re creating fruit and FOOD for the world. Dang, that’s a good kind of busy! That’s purpose if I’ve ever seen it.

And I don’t even like bees!

But mosquitoes… they just suck the life out of us for their gain. Literally, they are busy working for themselves, their benefit, and nothing else.

Both busy. But not the same busy.

What busy are you?

Are you busy for you? Or are you busy making a different for others? Because for some reason, when we’re out there making a difference in the world and someone asks, “How are you?” The answer is very rarely “I’m busy!”

Why is that?

Because when you’re busy doing the things that REALLY matter, you’re fulfilled! In the very least, you’ll answer, “I’m great!” You’re rarely tired and over worked when you know your work matters. You’re rarely drained and stressed when you know you’re making a difference in the lives of others. When you’re living your purpose.

When you’re making a LIFE, not just a living.

When you get to the end, what will have mattered most? What will it all have been for? What will you look back and be most proud of? Will it be that you were always VERY busy doing… things? Things that may or may not have REALLY mattered? I hope to know, in the end, that what I did wasn’t for nothing. I hope to know that the things I spent my time doing were relevant to people when I’m gone… because you can’t take it with you. So all that will be left of me here is what I did for others.

As the pastor said today: You never see a hearse pulling a u-haul.

So food for thought today… Why are you so busy? What are you doing? Does it matter?

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