I have to tell you, there has been something sitting so big on my heart over the last few days, and I think it’s perfect that I’m finally sitting down to put it to paper (so to speak) while I’m elbows deep in the flu.

It’s gratitude.

And yes, I’m even grateful to be sick right now. Because it reminds me that I’m grateful for all the days that I’m not sick. I’m grateful for my health. I’m grateful that this is the worst thing I have to deal with today. And I’m grateful that I get to be home in my sweats, in a house that has heat and a bathtub, while I weather this storm.

I had the amazing pleasure of hearing John O’Leary speak this past week while I was at a business conference with my company. John O’Leary wrote the incredibly moving and impactful book, ‘On Fire’ and I know that my life is forever changed because of this stranger. Isn’t that just the most amazing thing? That we can be so impacted and influenced by people who we don’t know personally?

Who are you impacting? Is it positively?

God knows I’m not always a positive impact on the people around me. My husband and kids probably get the worst of me, I’m sad to say. We tend to be shortest with those who we’re closest to, isn’t that right?

And I’ve been told that my shyness reads as ‘bitch’ so there is that.

But I have to say, with the way this year is starting, everything is going to be different in 2017 and all the years that come after.

I’m committing to, and inviting you to come along with me, a journey- a MISSION- of gratitude. I’m going to be finding perspective in ALL situations this year using the most amazingly powerful tool: Gratitude.

It’s impossible to be angry, bitter, resentful and a million other negative things when you’re grateful. When you’re focused on gratitude, you can change your entire perspective. And when you’re perspective changes… there is nothing you can’t see or understand. Or at least, there is nothing you won’t be willing to accept.

This year- in the 14 days that have passed- my husband and I have been tested. Our faith is being tried. But God is showing me the right books, the right messages and even putting John O’leary right smack dab in front of us to help us understand that the trials and the tests are a blessing. And I’m grateful. I’m grateful for my faith, and the peace it brings me to NOT know the plan. My husband struggles here more than me, that’s for sure. 🙂

I’m grateful for my kids, even when they’re driving me crazy. They could be driving a baby sitter crazy. They could be ill. They could have never even existed. They’re MY terrible three’s and I’m grateful to weather them with the husband I’m so grateful God gave me.

I’m grateful for planes- although I hate to fly- because otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get to Maui. Can you imagine having to navigate the ocean that takes 6 hours to fly 500+ miles an hour over? Can you imagine how sea sick?

I’m grateful for the bills that I pay because they remind me of the services I take for granted. The heating bill was astronomical this month (we’ve been covered in snow most of it) and I’m reminded that YES- I was QUITE warm this month! Thank you for that!

As I sat on my Lani (that’s fancy Hawaiian for balcony) a few days ago staring out at the moon dancing on the surface of the ocean, I was struck with SUCH gratitude for so many things.

  1. Facetime! I was able to see my beautiful babies faces every single day of the 6 days we were apart. What a blessing! I’m grateful someone else knows how to make technology real so I can have that gift!
  2. Facetime! It reminded me how grateful I was that my kids were, in fact, 6 hours AWAY from me! I got 6 beautiful days with my husband to enjoy. We had a blast with our friends and we were able to focus on each other and our business without interruptions.
  3. I’m grateful that I was bold enough 8 years ago to do something that scared me. I stepped out in faith and it has been the biggest blessing to our family- although not easy- and I’m GRATEFUL for every struggle. It wouldn’t have been as sweet without the challenges.
  4. I’m grateful that God made the earth as beautiful as he did. The ocean, the sound, the smell, the creatures in it… He didn’t have to do all that. We would have been grateful without it. But how cool that we have it?
  5. As I looked at the moon I was reminded that this earth hangs so delicately in the exact right place so we get the exact right amount of heat and we spin so that we get exactly the right amount of gravity to live this beautiful, imperfect life.

It’s all pretty overwhelming when you stop to think just how many things- big and small- there are to be grateful for.

John O’Leary was burned as a child over 100% of his body. His prognosis was certain death. He survived. And he stood onstage and told us if he could go back and change it all, he wouldn’t change a second of it. He wouldn’t change being burned. He wouldn’t change the suffering that came after. He wouldn’t change it at all. And furthermore, he’s GRATEFUL it happened.

Man, perspective. It’s just the coolest freaking thing.

Cause when I think about it, I wouldn’t change being burned either. My scars… they make me who I am. They built me. And ALL the seemingly insignificant things throughout my day that I take for granted… I want to notice them. I want to celebrate them. The good AND the bad, because it’s ALL good in the end…

If you can just find the right perspective.

I’ve started a gratitude/prayer journal this year and it’s blowing my mind! There are SO many things I didn’t know I loved so much about what I didn’t love. I bet you’ll find the same is true. Let’s do it together!

#missiongratitude in full affect! You on board?

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