About the Thinker

Well, hello there…

Welcome to my brain!

If you’re wondering where this all began, well, it began with a thought (I know, right?)! What if I could use the wonderful platform that I’ve been blessed with in my growing business, to really expand on the impact I believe I’m put on this earth to make? What if I could inspire just one person everyday, or even every week, to go do more, be more, live bigger, dare more greatly, or even just take one tiny, seemingly insignificant step outside of their oh-so-comfy, comfort zone? What if they learn something? What if- heaven forbid- they gain perspective on what really matters? What if this is just another way I can help someone else make a difference in and WITH their life?


So here we are! I’m taking my thoughts to the masses in hopes that you all are able to continue to gain perspective daily on how blessed you are, how impactful you can be, how brave you really are, how important your role here on earth is, and how uniquely special what God has given YOU to offer really is…

Who am I? Well, my name is Wendy. I live on an 84 acre homesteading farm in Summertown, Tennessee. I’m an imperfect leader of an Incorporation I’ve named SecondStar (yes, after second star to the right and straight on till morning (aka Neverland)) because I believe in believing in BIG, stupid, ridiculous, GOD SIZED dreams. And I believe in following your heart. And I believe if you are able to make a difference, you must.

But I also believe in the best part of these things, and that’s fumbling your way all the way. Getting it wrong. Being bad so that you can get good. Being brave and failing forward. I believe in imperfection.

And, I believe in you…


There was a stent there where my husband and I decided to start a vlog- video blog- to document what our unconventional life looks like. We both work from home, while balancing the demands of our three kids. We love to travel and have adventures, and we we’re, at the time, looking forward to moving across country to a farm and we wanted to bring YOU along for the ride. Check out our channel and subscribe! Click HERE if you’re interested.





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